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Besides being a competitive dancer, performer and a junior teacher assistant at Malko Dance Academy, I am also a socially responsible citizen. I feel it is necessary to support my community in every possible way. I perform at various  multi-cultural community events, festivals, fundraisers, and concerts and I am very proud to share my love of dancing with everyone. 

On the annual basis I support Mario G. Obledo National Coalition of Hispanic Organizations. We have been friends for many years and I feel it is my responsibility to perform at such an important fundraiser. 

Every year, I bring a new dance program to this exciting event. I am looking forward to it each time. 

As a part of Malko Dance Academy, I also perform at Sacramento Kids Festival, California State Fair, as well as local county fairs, charity events and fundraisers. 

Slavic Community Events

"Back to school"

As a non-profit organization, Malko Dance Academy supports community events. One of the annual events is the "Back to School" celebration in recognition of being students. We open our dance and regular school season with this special event because, first  of all, we are children who go to school. 

Here I dance American Style Tango with my gorgeous partner Tatiana. This wonderful event was organized by my dance director Sergey Malko and our drama coach Natalya Shamrock

"From Romance to Opera" Night

My partner and I perform at many events throughout the year. However, being both Slavic, we are very proud to be a part of any Slavic celebrations such as fundraisers, cultural and even theater plays. We share our love of dance with our community and support it with pride.

This special event was dedicated to Slavic poetry and ballads. Tatiana and I performed our beautiful American Waltz routine choreographed by Genya and Victoria Malko, our American Style coaches.