Every dance competition is a new step, new level, new motivation to succeed

By now I have participated in over 100 dance competitions. I won numerous titles and became a finalist in many categories. But what is important to note is that every dance competition requires major preparation. I am very thankful to my support team: my family and my little baby brother who travels with me everywhere, my incredible hair stylist and my dress-maker, my coaches who do not give me a break and train me for extra hours and have confidence and faith in me and, of course, my partner, who is working just as hard and never gives up.

And of course, my mom who is my multi-functional support crew as a manager, financial sponsor, travel agent, driver, counselor, dance trainer, organizer, promoter to name a few.

Many people do not realize that dance competition participation requires tremendous energy and finances. I still do not know how I do it every time but, as a Christian, I believe I am very blessed and I manage to accomplish what I start. Luckily I have right people next to me and I receive support each time I am in need. I work extremely hard for it.

Being a Junior competitor also requires time management skills. Living an hour away from the dance studio and having school home work is a challenge. However, as they say, "there is a will, there is a way". I have been doing it for almost seven years and have been successful. My philosophy is to do what you love and never stop. If you choose the right direction in life, you will find a way. Trust me!

If you wonder what a dancer day at a competition is, I can definitely say that it is a very dynamic, fast-paced, non-stop and absolutely fun! 

If a dancer is lucky to participate in a dance camp, for example, it adds valuable knowledge and polishes existing technique. I always participate in all possible dance camps, lectures and workshops because learning from the best helps you grow as a competitive dancer. 

I competed in:

Blackpool Dance Festival (England), Ohio Star Ball (OH), Holliday Classic (NV), CA State Championship (CA), American Dance League Championships (CA), City Lights Open (CA), CA Open Dancesport (CA), United States National Amateur Championship (UT), San Francisco Open (CA), California Capital Championship (CA), Millennium Dancesport (FL),  Dessert Classic Dancesport (CA), International Grand Ball (CA), Pacific Grand Ball (CA), Autumn Classic Dancesport (CA), Hollywood Dance Classic (CA).. and way more to participate and win!

Sharing my success

Autumn Classic 2017. 3rd place in Junior I (age 12-13) International Latin Championship.

Autumn Classic is one of my favorite competitions in the Bay Area. I have been competing there since 2012. This time, considering my pretty new partnership with Tatiana Dyakonova, we took Silver medal (3rd place) in Junior I (12-13 year old category) Latin Championship after all the hard work behind the scenes.

You always are considered a new dance couple if you change partners. I have to say it happens in every dancer's life and you need to start all over again. Tatiana and I have been dancing International Latin style for less than six month and already won Rising Star Ball 2017 in Youth (16-18 year old category) which makes me really proud.

Autumn Dance Classic 2017. 1st place in Junior II (age 14-15) American Style Championship.

I dance three competitive dance styles: International Ballroom, International Latin and American Smooth (Ballroom). Being 13 years old, I compete in Junior I (age12-13) category, however, may step up one category and compete in Junior II (age 14-15) category. It is more challenging as dancers in Junior II category are older and usually have more competitive experience. Therefore, competing in Junior II category is always challenging yet very exciting. This time I am very proud to win at Atumn Dance Classic 2017 and bring home a Junior II American Smooth Championship trophy.  


Everyone enjoys winning. Winning makes your feel accomplished, successful and very proud. However, wining is just a door to the next level. I take winning as an opportunity to keep growing and achieving. Winning is flattering. But, honestly, it is a true award for all the hard work behind the scenes. I hope one day we, as competitive dancers, will be in Olympics. That will be my next goal....