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Life of a competitive dancer or what it really takes

Most important dance accessory - SHOES!

I am very proud of having my first AIDA pair of Latin shoes. There is no need to say it is the most trendy and professional dance shoes out there. I also have flat feet, believe it or not! It is not a problem if you have the right arch support and let your feet rest during your practice. I found that International Ballroom shows have the best arch support and I use them as my "dance sleepers" when I need an extra comfort. I love these brands and highly recommend them to all dancers.

Dance partnership - challenge and advantage

I had two serious dance partners in my dance life and my current one, Tatiana Dyakonova, who is as serious as it gets. It really benefits you when both partners have the same goal. However, humans are still humans! We fight, we laugh, we struggle and we win together. It is a long process to work on dance issues and it takes time and endurance to train your body. 

But if you do it together and do not give up, you will definitely succeed and win!

Special thanks to my sponsors

 All these medals and awards hide a long process behind the scenes. You need a strong support group staring with your family first. It is their commitment, their time, their resources. Then, your coach who believes in you and helps you grow as a professional. Also, unless you are extremely wealthy, you need great financial support to cover multiple pairs of your dance shoes, your tuxedo, shirts, trousers, practice wear, accessories, airfare, accommodations, transportation, meals, competition entries, tickets, dance organization annual memberships, dance camps and workshops and, most important, your private lessons with your coach and world-level instructors to name a few. 

Without my sponsors, I would not have gone this far and I am very thankful to each individual and I appreciate everything they do from bottom of my heart! My special thanks go to Moda Fashion Sacramento, Tim's Trucking, Olga's Lines, Nachtigall Tax Services, T. Warner Hudson, Steven Nemeth, and, of course, Malko Dance Academy for their sponsorships. 

I am affiliated with a non-profit organization (Youth Dancesport Fund) and always accept and appreciate any donations.

Blackpool Dance Festival definitely changes you

 In April 2017, I had the privilege to go to the Junior Blackpool Dance Festival in the UK to compete for the world title. When I got to the ballroom, I was very confident I could win the championship, but during my practice I saw that there were other kids that were 10 times better than me. I watched them practice and I saw that they were putting so much more effort into it than I was. I danced my first round very well, but for the second round the announcer didn’t call my number. I watched everybody who got into the second round and was pretty embarrassed of myself. From that day, my perspective changed of how to practice and act on the dance floor.

I realized that it is not only about fun. It takes real work, endurance and seriousness. I took my competitive dancing since then. As a dancer, it changed me into a more focused and on track competitor.

 I have a goal in dancesport to be a world champion and I will put all my efforts into what I do for the rest of my life. And with that I am not who I was before and what I danced like before, but who I am becoming and who I will be.

US Amateur National Championship/Blackpool Dance Festival Fundraiser 2017

I am very thankful to Sergey Malko for organizing this Fundraiser in January 2017. Every March I go to US National Dance competition in Provo, Utah and any support is always very helpful and highly appreciated.