A note from my main coach Sergey Malko

"Ilya came to me at the age of 6, now 13. From the start, he has always been a very sensitive,

dedicated young man. As time progressed, his love for dance shined through without much

effort, it just happened naturally, just as his exceptional dance ability came through with the

same ease.

I am very pleased and proud to have Ilya Ignatyev as my student, he enjoys dancing very much.

He is in every class and participates in all dance performances and events. His efforts are

nothing short of 100 percent commitment and work ethic towards his dancing.

He is the epitome of a dance student; dedicated and eager to learn and train with the same

tenacity he has when he teaches his younger peers under the teacher-training/assistant

program developed for students such as Ilya. Not only is he a valuable student but he is also a

loyal friend to those he has developed long term relationships and friendships with within our

dance academy.

Currently Ilya is in the Open Level of International Latin Dancesport. He is not only a

hardworking student with his dance activities but also his academics.

Aside from training with me 5-6 times a week in group and private lessons with his dedicated

partner; he competes in as many competitions locally, nationally and internationally as he

possibly can. Ilya also trains with various National and World Champion title coaches in both

International Latin, and Ballroom.

At age 13, it is already clear where his future dance aspirations will take him. He is diligently

working to become the next dance world champion in all ten dances. He is very eager to teach,

coach and ultimately judge future young dance couples."

- Sergey Malko,

Executive Director, Head Dance Coach and Choreographer of Malko Dance Academy

2019 California Open. Latin Junior Grand Slam Champions

Competitive dancing is all about team work

As a competitive dancer, you learn your communicative skills from your early years. It takes two to tango, waltz, rumba, etc...You maybe the best dancer ever, however, it is a partner dance. Therefore, you can win only as a couple. 

We all have bad days and good days as dancers, but the goal remains the same any day. Ballroom dancing teaches you how to find a common denominator with your partner, how to solve your problems and share your strength and weaknesses. 

I am very thankful to all of my partners. Because of various partnership and its ups and downs I became stronger, more competitive and very good at I do!

But there is another important person in any dance partnership - your coach. It takes a wise coach to guide you through the process.  I am extremely lucky to have such coaches in my dancing career.

My main coach is Sergey Malko who has been training me since 2010. He is simply an amazing Jack of all trades: a teacher, a mentor, a friend. I work my hardest to proudly represent this incredible coach and I will definitely bring him more trophies!   

2016 in a glance.... Dancesport, family, traveling and more!