Welcome to My Dance World

It is a pleasure and an honor to be a competitive Latin and Ballroom dancer. Every dance practice, every performance,  every competition, and even a new pair of shoes bring me closer to my goal - becoming a competitive dance world champion. I am so ready and I am on my way to this goal!

Competing at the most prestigious dance competition in the world - Blackpool, England  

Ballroom dancing is a sport. There are no excuses to slow down  for those of us how enjoys competing and winning. It takes time, commitment, finances, patience, right coaches, and tremendous family support.

But the most important is how determined a DanceSport athlete is. Each time you fail, you have more motivation to work harder. Each time you win, you know are going the right direction and you continue your hard work with pride.    

My best dance experience

If you are a competitive dancer, you know that Blackpool Dance Festival experience in Blackpool, England is one-of-a-kind, exciting, uplifting and the most motivational experience every dancer should have! I am looking forward to return there again a as a junior dancer, then as an amateur competitor and, finally, as a professional!

...and the dance story began...

From a toddler jazz class to an international arena

I was three and a half when I joined a toddler jazz class. Then it was hip hop, then gymnastics,  even children's ballet, but only at the age of seven when I started ballroom dancing at Malko Dance Academy, I realized that this was it!  I danced on different stages with different partners and kept growing and developing in a very special, unique and friendly dancing community. It is definitely work, fun, exercise, physical and psychological development all in one. In other words, I am very proud of what I do.

Dreaming BIG and accomplishing BIG

By the age of thirteen, I travelled all over California, the US and started traveling abroad to compete in an International Latin, International Ballroom  and the American Smooth styles. I am lucky to make friends all of the world. I meet world-level competitive dancers and judges, participate in dance  workshops and world-known competitions, and learn from the best in the word! This is a life-time experience and an opportunity any young man can only dream of. I very blessed I am where I am and keep accomplishing my goals .